SuperWinTheGame_1Super Win the Game

Status: Released October 2014

Super Win the Game is the sequel to 2012’s freeware platformer You Have to Win the Game.

You Have to Win the Game

Status: Released May 2012

You Have to Win the Game is an exploration platformer with a retro 1980s PC aesthetic.

Arc Aether AnomaliesArc Aether Anomalies

Status: Released October 2008

Arc Aether Anomalies is a six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) arcade action shooter inspired by such titles as Descent, Geometry Wars, and Every Extend Extra, and visually influenced by Innerspace, Metroid Prime, House M.D., flOw, and electron microscopy.


Status: Released September 2005

Knights is a Worms clone I made in about two months during my first term at the Guildhall.

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  1. Could you fix your “You Have To Win The Game” uninstaller? ALL it does is erase everything in the folder it was installed in, so in my case, it nuked a shit-ton of my games that I now have to track down and re-download.

    God damn it.

  2. J! Love your games. I have one question though.

    How did you achieve the “old tv” look of your game? Specifically the curve-like nature of the tv screen. I have some ideas on how to implement it, but I would love to have an answer from the maestro.

    P.S. How would you approach adding scan lines on it?

    • I start by drawing the “clean” game scene to a render target texture. Then I blend in the previous frame’s scene in order to create trails as things move over time. I think I also sample from the left and right a bit to add some horizontal color bleeding here, especially on the red channel.

      Once the current and previous frames have been blended, I draw a 3D mesh of a curved screen and texture map the game scene onto this mesh. The shader for drawing the curved screen also adds scanlines and RGB pixel separation with an overlay texture, plus it can scale the image larger or smaller to simulate overscan. It also adds a specular reflection to simulate screen glare.

      Finally, I usually do some postprocessing and add bloom to soften up the whole scene.

      I wrote up a post about the process on the TIG forums a while ago with illustrations:

  3. Thankyou for the update, the screen went totally black a few automatic updates from initial release when starting the game, I could barely see a thing. I moseyed on back to see your website and found YHTWtG had been updated so I downloaded the update and now it’s all fixed, woo! Excellent game, the EGA mod is priceless! :)

  4. u have no lives omg com on guys turn up tho with that nae nae yeah buddy u know da deal on everything u guys can get da business i play ssf2

  5. Dear Pirateheart,

    Can I have permission to monetize my gameplay of your video game “You have to win this game”? I will cite everything and tell everyone to play it.


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