Jam/Compo Games

Interplanetary Postal Service

Status: Released August 2014

Interplanetary Postal Service is my first attempt at LD48.

Arc Gaiden S Perfect Special Reserve

Status: Released February 2013

Arc Gaiden S Perfect Special Reserve is the result of a silly Twitter challenge.

Pink! Pink! Bento Machine

Status: Released August 2012

Pink! Pink! Bento Machine is my entry in the AGBIC 2012 competition. See www.agbic.com for more info.

House of Baffle

Status: Released February 2011

House of Baffle was a test of homebrew NAT negotiation made for the TIGSource Versus compo. It is currently offline.

Pink! Pink! Bunny Machine

Status: Released July 2010

Pink! Pink! Bunny Machine is a short joke shmup developed for AGBIC 2010.

Keep on Truckin’

Status: Canceled February 2009

Keep on Truckin’ is an unfinished entry for the TIGSource Cockpit Compo and an homage to the infamous Desert Bus.

169 What hatches from primordial egg.

Status: Released November 2008

169 What hatches from primordial egg. was developed for the TIGSource Commonplace Book Compo. It is another short joke game, this one a text adventure.

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