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Hi! I’m J. Kyle Pittman, Chief Nostalgia Officer at Minor Key Games. I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and I make video games!

I was born in 1984. I started learning to code in BASIC when I was about five years old, got my B.S. in C.S. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2005, got my Master’s in Interactive Technology from the Guildhall at SMU in 2007, and I worked at Gearbox Software from 2007 to 2013 and once againĀ beginning in 2018.

In July 2013, I founded Minor Key Games with my brother David. I released Super Win the Game, the sequel to my 2012 exploration platformer You Have to Win the Game, in late 2014. From 2015 to 2017, I documented the development of a pair of action platformers in the Gunmetal Arcadia series, followed by the stealth release of EPONYMOUS on Halloween 2017.

Here’s a quick bullet-point list of my work beyond shipped titles:

Twitter is my primary means of communication: @PirateHearts
Or you can contact me by email, though I’m bad about replying in a timely manner: jpittman at gmail dot com


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  1. You Have to Win the Game has been awesome!! I’m at 53% and I am loving it. It has a very nice feel to the subterranea, but it feels varied enough to keep me interested to explore room to room.

    One question: I seem to have gotten stuck. I am in the wellspring room and managed to glitch into the wall in the middle section (already acquired the red crystal to make the platforms appear). I noticed a console available, but can’t find any commands for it. Is there any command I can use to respawn? I’d rather not have to start all over :(


  2. Hi Kyle.

    I am launching an Indie/Retro game stream on Twitch.tv from 21.15 BST.

    I would love to stream You Have To Win The Game during the broadcast, assuming that was OK with yourself.

    If it is OK, do you have any hi-res artwork for the game so I could put as the Twitch background while streaming the game?

    Many thanks for an amazing game.

    Kind Regards.

    James Carter

  3. I’m really curious how you managed to create the aesthetic of “You have to Win the Game”. I find it quite stunning. Are you using pixel art with some kind of filter?

    If it’s a trade secret, I don’t mind :) I guess you’re both a great programmer and a great designer.

    Kind regards,

  4. Hello Kyle,

    Mr. Pittman?



    Whichever you like I guess…

    I have a few questions:

    First, I want to say thank you for your games. I love them, especially You Have to Win the Game. I’d like to play your other games too, but some appear to be lying around TIGSource and not on your website. i.e. Pink! Pink! Could you link me to your other games that are not available from your site?

    I’m also a programmer, currently just doing it infrequently when I have the time, and I’d love to know what programming language you’ve made your games in. I’m also curious how you made You Have to Win the Game’s updater, and I’d definitely like to implement that into any future games I make.

    Keep up the great work!

    Thanks for reading,


  5. Hello!

    Please, tell me 2 things about “You have to win the game”

    1. What is the metter of game ? What is I need to do ?
    2. Whats the console commands ? I just found “quit”
    3. Have any manual on this fun game ? ))

    Please, answer to my email eu6pc(at)mail.ru


  6. hi!, as you, i found myself lost in the screen after playing Ancient Art of War (i sometimes wonder why nobody has coded a remake) and other games in my old PC

    i sincerely want to give thanks for “You have to win the game”, is sooo adictive, oh man, i’ve “lost” some nights with this little gem, thanks!!

  7. Hey Kyle i was wondering sense i LOVE your games i was thinking maybe you could sponsor my YouTube channel so that i can help your games get popular and you can help me get popular i don’t want any money i just want to be sponsored by you

  8. would i be able to montive a video of game play of this game on my youtube chanel and what montization is to out ad on the video

  9. I just finished You Have to Win the Game and I must say, it’s probably been one of the most infuriatingly wonderful experiences I’ve had in a long time. Dying hundreds and hundreds of times to spikes and pellets of death made me incredibly mad, but finally being able to get past them felt incredible. Thank you for making such a great game!

  10. Dude.

    You’re awesome. I never saw a game that had an actual word from the dev in it.

    Just wanted to say that, keep up the great work :D

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