I mean, I still have this blog and maybe anyone ever looks at it so I guess it should reflect my most current work?

To follow up on my last post from over two years ago, Gunmetal Arcadia eventually became two separate games. The first, Gunmetal Arcadia Zero, launched in May 2016 exclusively through Humble Monthly and later in November 2016 on other storefronts. The eponymous Gunmetal Arcadia released in February 2017.

I have a new project in the works, one that I’ve been kicking around since just before Gunmetal Arcadia Zero shipped. It’s a concept that’s very near and dear to my heart; it owes more than a little to some of my earlier work like Arc Aether Anomalies and You Have to Win the Game and will, fingers crossed, be the realization of a number of ideas I’ve collected over the years under the catch-all term “Project Cadenza.” It’s weird; it’s experimental; it’s risky — it’s all the reasons I went indie in the first place.