YHtWtG for Steam, now w/ Playable Cat DLC*!! And introducing Super Win the Game!!

After many grueling months of development, iteration, testing, late nights, stress eating, energy drinks and coffee, I’m finally ready to announce my latest project: Playable Cat DLC* for You Have to Win the Game!!

Playable. Cat. DLC*.

pcdlc_catI’m not even kidding! Look at this!

volver_cat_dlcYou only get nine lives, because you’re a cat!! omg this is amazing

All silly hyperbole aside, You Have to Win the Game will be arriving on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux on May 6, 2014, exactly two years to the day since its original Windows release. In addition to the myriad bug fixes and feature improvements that have been made since that version, the Steam release will also include a new, more difficult remixed campaign and Playable Cat DLC*!!

And guess what? That’s not even the most exciting news! I’m also srsly super hype to announce that the latest effort from Minor Key Games will be an entirely new sequel to YHtWtG called Super Win the Game!! You can check out screenshots and an announcement trailer right now at www.superwinthegame.com!!



I’ll be posting development updates on Twitter (@PirateHearts), and you can also subscribe to the Minor Key Games mailing list for all the latest news.

Stay tuned!

*Not actually DLC. It’s included as part of the free game. Do I really have to say this?

5 thoughts on “YHtWtG for Steam, now w/ Playable Cat DLC*!! And introducing Super Win the Game!!

  1. It’s great to read more news about The Game. I’m really excited about the new releases. It’s such a great work, it’s multi-platform AND free. I just read that even the Steam version will be free! Thank you so much for everything!

    PS: It’s actually all DLC as long as you don’t sell any CDs (or perhaps floppies – for a real retro feeling). ;-)

  2. PPS: Oh my god! That’s a great idea! After the sequel is released, make a collector’s edition retail CD with both games included, and make the CD case in a 5.25″ floppy disk design. I’d immediately order one of these. ^^

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