I was bored so I made a thing.

Gallery is a lightweight app that cycles through all* the images in a folder and displays them to a window. It’s like one of those digital photo frames except it’s only for Windows PC, because that seems practical.


  • v1.1 adds a Knuth shuffle. I may make this optional in a future version, as it currently re-shuffles each time it iterates through the folder in order to pick up any new files that have been added, which means there is some chance of repeating the same image twice in a row.
  • v1.2 fixes colors wrapping at the edges of the image.

I didn’t build an installer for this one so I don’t want to hear any complaints about missing D3D DLLs or whatever. Just get the latest DirectX version if it doesn’t work.

EASY MODE: Just drop the executable into any folder and run it. It will cycle through all* the images in that folder.

ADVANCED MODE: Create a shortcut to the executable and update its Target as follows:

“…\Gallery.exe” path=”c:\wherever” width=1024 height=768 time=6 fade=2

Path can contain spaces but must be encased in double quotes if so. Default is the folder containing the executable. Gallery will cycle through all* the images in the specified folder.
Width/Height control the size of the backbuffer. By default, this is 1920×1200. This is constant regardless of the size of the window. You may wish to set this to your monitor resolution and then maximize Gallery to go fullscreen.
Time/Fade control the total time each image is displayed and the time spent fading between images, both in seconds. Defaults are 12 and 3 seconds respectively.

Very large images may make Gallery choke. You’ve been warned.

*In this case, “all” means “all the formats normally supported by D3DX,” which includes .bmp, .dds, .dib, .hdr, .jpg, .pfm, .png, .ppm, and .tga. Sorry .gif, better luck next time.

Super messy, embarrassing, partially broken source code is available here if anyone wants to make fun of it: (C++, requires D3D9 libs)

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