You Have to Mod the Game

Good news everyone! I made an EGA tileset for You Have to Win the Game for absolutely no reason at all! Now you can experience the game that critics are calling “free” (RGCD), “[a] platformer” (Jay is Games), and “a free platformer” (TIGSource) in stunning 6-bit color!! You’ll be the envy of all your friends who have time-traveled to the future from the very early 80s and haven’t yet seen what modern PCs and consoles are capable of!

To install it, just unzip these bitmaps directly into your local YHtWtG Mods folder. This folder is located somewhere inside My Documents, for instance “C:\Users\[YourName]\Documents\You Have to Win the Game\Mods” on Windows Vista. (Also don’t put these in a subfolder, else the game won’t recognize them and you’ll still have CGA graphics and be sad.)


10 thoughts on “You Have to Mod the Game

  1. This game is awesome! I’ve spent more time playing this game than anything else in the past two weeks. The EGA update shows that you care very much about YHTWTG and your level of proffesionalism is of very high standards.
    Very good job mate. You are an inspiration….

  2. I really love this game, you did such a great job of capturing the ‘feel’ of old games, and these ‘explore’em up’ was one of my fav genres back then.

    This EGA mod is fantastic, the game looks so good… finished it a second time yesterday, using this mod (100% both times, yay!).

  3. Hi, this mod makes the game look great, CGA is a bit dull, and EGA while still retaining the retro feel, has enough colors to make it feel realistic.

    I’m trying to make a ZX spectrum graphics mod based on this one.
    I tried modifying the tiles.bmp with photoshop but when I tried it on the game the graphics well all broken.

    Then I tried saving in 8bpp, 6bpp and both modes also making the original ZX palette of 15 colors to 16 colors in the color table, but all where broken in the game.

    Then I tried opening the original tiles.bmp in paint, pasting over my version and saving.
    That worked, only that when paint saves, it turns all the dark versions of the colors into the bright version, effectively reducing the 16 colors to 8. I don’t know why paint does this as my version of the image also has 16 colors, so it shouldn’t reduce them, just modify the color table.

    Well, if you have any tips on this, it would be great, I’d love to be able to complete a ZX Spectrum mod for this wonderful game.

    Here are my version and the reduced color version that works with the game:


  4. Will mod options from the menu become a feature? It would be great to be able to switch visual modes on the fly.

    I gotta say replaying this in EGA makes me run into the same confrontation with my own imagination I used to get whenever I’d rediscover a game with higher fidelity visuals when I was a child.

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